Privacy policy

May 14, 2016

Privacy policy as practiced by Geeks TechTeam +1(844)760-9171

To have all of your personally identifiable information removed from our database, send an email request to and we will be happy to delete such information after we receive a request to that effect. Please be advised that by requesting that your data be removed from our database, you will be unsubscribed from the Geeks TechTeam

Below is a complete description of the Privacy Policy as followed by the Geeks TechTeam +1(844)760-9171

For the complete security, safety and privacy of the subscribers to Geeks TechTeam .

From here the word, the “Service” is defined as the Consumer technical support and service that has been bought by the client and has been committed by Geeks TechTeam to provide. By clicking on the word “Submit” below you agree to having read all the policies and having agreed to all the policies.

COLLECTION OF INFORMATION AND THE USE OF INFORMATION BY Geeks TechTeam : Geeks TechTeam will be the only owner of the information shared by the customer by any means including email, telephone or any other means whatsoever. We commit not to share the information with anyone under any circumstance. Further the information provided by you will be at the point of content and we do not place any software or any cookie whatsoever so as to collect the information from the client machine.

PERSONAL Information of the customer: In order to serve the customers in the best of the manner we collect the information like the name, address, contact phone and the contact email. All these details will only be used so as to serve you better both the first time you buy the services or later when you have to use the services again from Geeks TechTeam . This information will not be shared with anyone and will not be used for any other means except for identifying you so as to serve you better and in timely manner.

Payment Information: Geeks TechTeam is committed not to save any of the payment information of the customer on any of the servers. Once the information is added by the customer it is encrypted with 256 bits encryption and the data is then sent to the Payment Gateway so as to charge the card.

Customer machine Information:

Client Machine: In order to serve the customers the Experts will have to take the remote access of the machine of the customer so as to find out the exact issue with the customers machine. The diagnosis process will involve finding out the important details on the customer’s machine like the make and model of the customer machine, time of purchase and the operating system on the machine and further such details for the proper diagnosis of the machine. All the information about the make and model of the machine will not be shared with anyone and will not be stored on any server whatsoever.
Remote Access: For the proper diagnosis the Experts will have to run the expert tools on the client machine and that will require access to the machine. The Experts will use third party recognized software tools so as to run the diagnosis and properly fix the issue. During the Remote Access the customer’s personal information will not be looked into. The access will be only limited to the fixation of the issue and complete support on the issue.
Tools for the diagnosis of the issue with the machine: The tools used for the diagnosis of the issue with the machine will not collect any personal information and any information about the system having the problem will not be saved on the server but will only be used for diagnosis and fixing of the issue.
Recording of the Help Session: Geeks TechTeam will record the help sessions between the client and the tech and the will be used for future reference in case the customer comes back with the same problem so as to check the case history on what was done on the system.
Information Sharing: Geeks TechTeam promises not to save any information whatsoever with anyone unless required by the law.
Children’s Online Policy: The website and the domain is totally owned by Geeks TechTeam and is in no way designed to attract anyone under the age of 13. In line with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act Geeks TechTeam does not collect any information or sell products to the visitors under the age of 13.


Geeks TechTeam website Expert-Tech. co will take all the precautions so as to protect the information of the client form getting into the wrong hands. We have 256 bit encryption installed on our website so as to make sure that any information added on the website is secure and safe. Also we maintain the highest standards to save the information offline.