customer reviews

February 9, 2017

James Henry


Astounding administration. Customer had a VMware ESXi Strike 0 volume that got fried because of electrical storm. I had the drive dispatched on the start of the week, they got it by midweek. I had the virtual machine records back in my grasp on by the weekend. The customer was up and running by beginning of business Monday morning. I couldn’t have expected any better results. 100% recuperation.

Ronald White


My cellphone had a fluid mishap as my iPhone completely submerged in water for just about 1.5 hours. So it was an instance of Water harm. So I overnighted it to Geeks TechTeam. Geeks TechTeam by one means or another figured out how to put my iphone in a revival mode and recoup the greater part of the information. I am surprised as well as grateful. Notwithstanding when I was in a condition of frenzy and stun, their client administration was still pleasant, and I like the way that they are 24-7, 365 days of year available. I would prescribe this spot to the majority of my loved ones. Ideally this will never transpire again, however in the event that it does, I’m happy I know who to call.


House Wife

Nothing is much more terrifying than your current outside disk drive, that supports your entire a digital reminiscences coming from 2009 about, suddenly faltering. After having a overall meltdown, My partner and i visited the net to obtain the very best place to attempt to recover my personal reminiscences. 5 personalities along with 100+ evaluations about Yelp- it had been a distinct decision. Extended history short- My partner and i obtained a message having diagnostic details inside forty eight hrs, along with Adam maintained us advised of the status of my personal recuperation. If they experienced a challenge, he / she wrote us immediately to tell us of the replace. And when My partner and i wrote again indicating My partner and i was at the anxiety, he / she sure us that will my personal odds of having every little thing again was still the same- however only wanted to advise us of the fresh details. Sympathetic, making sure, quickly, along with dependable. Our pics, my personal reminiscences, every little thing will be risk-free. As well as in the end, that is all the matters. Thanks a lot, Geeks TechTeam

Elizabeth Hill


I‘ve sent many drives to Geeks TechTeam over the past year and in every case, they found themselves able to get my customers’ information back. Recently, I sent the most convoluted recuperation I‘ve been included with a customer’s RAID 5 array went up amid a modify operation. One drive fizzled, the hot extra came on line and after that something went appallingly wrong .Geeks TechTeam had the capacity to take the drives from the array, get them running and they found themselves able to piece the array together; thereby maintaining my customers archives back to them. The procedure has dependably been first rate